Tina Casse - Director of Operations

When Tina Casse met her husband Mark, she was a professional in one of the two biggest industries in Ocala, Florida. Well known for its thoroughbred breeding industry and immaculate farms and training centres, Ocala is also the home of the world’s most acclaimed cardiac centers  - the  Monroe Regional Medical Center.
Tina, a registered nurse, moved there about 12 years ago from her home town of Crystal River, Florida, when she sought the big leagues in cardiac care.
“I worked at the coronary intensive unit in Crystal River but I wanted to see what it was like in Ocala, which is renowned for its cardiac care.”
It was at the Monroe Center that Tina met Harry Mangurian, one of Ocala’s most successful racehorse breeders.
“That’s how I met Mark, he was visiting him,” said Tina. Within a few years, Tina and Mark were married.
“I knew nothing at the time about horses,” said Tina. “It was new and very exciting. Mr. Mangurian was starting to liquidate his horse population and Mark was starting out on his own. But I know a lot more now, in fact, besides my son and family, horses have become the main focus in my life.”
In 2002 Mark and Tina started Casse Racing. While Mark worked to build his string of horses and develop an new client base, Tina managed operations for the growing company.  
Today Tina handles all the financial responsibility for both the Canadian and American companies. Dealing with operations for Casse Racing across two countries, with horses racing in three locations, and over 50 employess is more then a full time job. Yet besides making sure everything runs seamlessly for Mark, the Owners and employees, Tina is devoted to raising her and Mark's 5 year old son Colby.
Tina said Exciting Story was her favourite horse – the Mangurian colt who won the Met Mile and was Canada’s champion 2-year-old.
“The obstacles that he overcame were significant,” said Tina. “He was never even supposed to live and Mark gave him a chance.”
Tina also owns several horses in Casse Racing, and in November 2008 notched her first stakes victory when Retraceable won the Princess Elizabeth at Woodbine (pictured right).